Testimonials written on April 23rd, 2009

“The logs were easy to work with and we were pleased with the help we got from everyone at Lodge Log and Timber Products.” (Margaret & Lon Carbaugh Estes Park, CO)

“We spent three years planning the construction and design of our dream home. We researched many different companies and in the end chose Lodge Logs. We did so based on the products offered. Their professionalism, their staff’s technical knowledge and how well they worked with us to stay within our budget. Lodge Log and Timber Products’ staff was helpful in many areas including design issues and making us feel they were being honest, and not just throwing another sales pitch. Overall, the project was a success and we would highly recommend Lodge Log and Timber Products to anyone who asked.” (Jason, Shelly & Amber Smith Sand Springs, OK)

“…your factory rep. supervised… at the conclusion of the third day, all logs were assembled with a mere four men. Amazing!” (Kenneth M Jackson, Grizzly Flats, CA)

“We stumbled upon Lodge Log and Timber Products by accident in Big Bear, California, while lost looking for another company’s home. The first thing we noticed while driving by and making our U-turn back, was how ‘perfect-looking’ it seemed. The dealer drove us around to another dozen or so Lodge Log homes and they all were just as “perfect”. We were so impressed we flew up to Boise to see their factory. They used kiln-dried lodge pole pine so that there would be no settling and less weight for installing. They also made a “Kerf” cut when milling to minimize the exterior checking. The company, even back in 1983, was computerized, and could make a custom log home “kit” from my floor plans! My home will be 25 years old next year and looks great!”
(Susie Redden Black Forest B&B Colorado Springs, CO)

“I have put up a few of your homes, and can appreciate a quality system.” (Richard A. Haller, Haller Construction Anchorage, AK)

“We are so impressed with the Product; we want to help others have the fine quality home that we have.” (David & Stacy Wurtz Livermore, CO)

“Having a log home was a dream of mine for quite a few years. When it was time to turn the dream into reality we looked at a lot of log styles and design. We wanted a certain look but not shrinkage problems associated with many log homes. We have had our home four years now and there is barely any notice of settling or cracks. I am sure that our home will last past my future and grandchildren’s senior years.” (John Sundman Minnesota)

“The craftsmanship used in milling is unbelievable. You couldn’t be more exact in every cut made on the logs. Every seam came out perfect. Every end log lined up exactly with each other.” (Dan Merritt, Nothern Trends Building & Design, Duluth, MN)

“We finally settled on Lodge Log and Timber Products based on construction method, species and service. We were particularly concerned about settling and shrinkage in our home and the advantage of using kiln-dried logs with the thru bolt building system seemed to address our needs.” (The Jones’ Central Oregon)

“Lodge Log and Timber Products created for us a home with more beauty and comfort than we could have imagined.” (The Staples Pine Valley, UT)

“Bruce, I want to thank you for the great experience and outstanding job you and your crew, Ben, Loren, Tim and Mason did on constructing our Log Home. After spending considerable time researching log homes, I decided that Lodge Log and Timber Products had what we were looking for in a custom built log home. What convinced my wife and I, especially me, was the solid construction method used in Lodge Log and Timber Products. When I saw the way that the logs were secured together by means of a threaded rod/nut fastener that was then anchored to the foundation, I was sold. Talk about sturdy! Our house will stand up to whatever nature or man can throw at it all the while enjoying our wood stove in cozy comfort!” (Jeff and Linda Williams)

“From the first day we saw a Lodge Log truck unloading logs and three days later saw the logs magically become a home, we knew we had found the builder and log company to build our new home. Our trip to the Lodge Log and Timber Products Factory in Boise, Idaho confirmed this, particularly after we viewed the drying process and conformity of the logs as they were sawn and drilled then banded and marked for shipment.” (Marilyn & Roger)

“After researching for 2 years, we decided to build with Lodge Log and Timber Products. One of the deciding factors to use this company was the log process they use. This made for easy construction and that helped us in the completion of our home. We love our home and it turned out just as beautiful as we imagined.” (The Guiers/Eatonville, Washington)

“Dear Lodge Log & Timber Products and Trails End Log Homes:

It really gives us great pleasure after having lived in our log home since April 1992 to continue to be as enthusiastic about it as the day we moved in. Certainly it is sturdy, weatherproof easy to heat in the winter and cool in summer, and roomy. But more importantly it has had none of the drawbacks that our well-meaning friends (who know nothing about log homes) warned us about during the building phase and after the move in.
Overall, we love our home and the feeling it gives us to drive up the driveway.
It’s a place that is great to come home to. Frequently in the evening we will sit in our outdoor spa, marvel at the view of Portland and search for satellites among the stars and say to each other,” Nice joint,””(DR. Joseph and Patricia Intile)